Fire Pit Rules & Regulations

Acceptable fire pits are permitted within the Village limits under specific conditions. It is necessary to
complete an application for construction of a fire pit, for the placement of a fireplace, or *movable fire
burning receptacles. All fire permit applications are reviewed and approved by a Safety Code Officer from
the Mannville Fire Department. The Officer may use discretion approving, suspending, or cancelling a
fire permit application. When constructing your fire pit, etc. the following are some regulations to keep in

• Locate in the back yard only;
• Locate no less than 3.0 m from any property line;
• Locate no less than 3.0 m from any structure (fence, deck, garage, shed, or dwelling);

*A moveable fire burning receptacle can include chimineas, fire bowls, outdoor fire places, gas fire
bowls, etc. and must fastened to prevent blown or knocked over.

Frequently Asked Questions