Bylaw enforcement

The Village of Mannville Bylaw Enforcement Services is comprised of both Bylaw Enforcement Officers and Community Peace Officers. The team helps ensure resident safety and wellbeing. The Village of Mannville will investigate complaints and proactively conduct investigations related to municipal bylaws, and provincial statues. 

The Village of Mannville works collaboratively with other law enforcement agencies, municipal departments, provincial departments, non-profit organizations and others to work towards a safer community.


Community Peace Officers are appointed under the Peace Officer Act by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General and work to enforce provincial legislation, including:

Animal Protection Act

– Dangerous Dog Act
– Environment Protection and Enhancement Act
– Fuel Tax Act
– Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Act
– Petty Trespass Act
– Provincial Offences Procedures Act
– Provincial Administrative Penalties Act
– Tobacco, Smoking and Vaping Reduction Act
– Traffic Safety Act
– Trespass to Premises Act

To review the above legislation, please visit the Alberta Kings Printer.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers are appointed by Council under the Municipal Government Act and work to enforce municipal bylaw, such as:

– Animal Control Bylaw
– Business License Bylaw
– Traffic Bylaw
– Fire Services Bylaw
– Unsightly Premises Bylaw
– Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw

To review the Village of Mannville’s Bylaws, please visit our Bylaw Page.

In addition, officers are appointed through Council as inspectors under the Weed Control Act and the Agricultural Pests Act. 

Its important to note that Community Peace Officers do not investigate or respond to criminal code matters. To report criminal actions, please call the Vermilion RCMP Detachment at (780) 853-4441. 

If there is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

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